COMPANY Greeting

Eiichi Nishiumi, President/CEO of SANWA SEIKI LTD.

Since SANWA SEIKI LTD. was established in 1938, we have been inheriting the company objective that “We contribute to society through supplying industrial products“, which has built up by our predecessors, earnestly working on “Monozukuri”. 
We are striving to produce competitive products in the world for diverse area like automotive industry and construction equipment, which is a kind of critical control device parts specified as pneumatic equipment, hydraulic equipment, engine control, cab-tilt, transmission, brake-system, engine-emission, and air-suspension, by using the know-how for creating products which is accumulated as capability of engineering and development in several decades, sticking to the consistent “Monozukuri”, such as market research, development, experiment, production, and sales.
“Respect for Humanity” and “Mutual Trust and Cooperation” have always been the base of our management philosophy. It fosters employees to develop corporate culture, to improve work environment, and to cultivate of human resource continually. Consequently “Supplying products which obtain gratification of customers”, we will keep it in mind and challenge to be a company deserves trust from the society.
 While Japan and the world industrial structure vary rapidly and dynamically, “Harmonization with the global environment” is the essential foundation in all business activities. Innovation of technology will be accelerated in the future, while the world economy and environment will be changed.
 SANWA SEIKI LTD. will enhance agility in order to respond to this change. We continuously serve for the automobile society of the 21st century, in respect of technology development and manufacturing the “Monozukuri” towards the conservation of resources and environment.  We really hope to contribute to “Wealthy global environment for the future”. We look forward to receiving your patronage and support for the future.

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