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Greeting from Eiichi Nishiumi, President of SANWA SEIKI LTD.

Company Mission

Based on the management philosophies of the late Mr.Toshio Nishiumi, the founder of Nishiumi Group.

Company Overview

Overview of SANWA SEIKI LTD., sales trends and company organization.


Directions to company Head Office, Kawagoe No. 2 plant, Hanyu plant, and the test course.

Research & Development

We continue research and development on products to meet current needs, repeating the cycle of research, development, testing and verification.


We endeavor to build systems based on the company management philosophy, and have obtained various certifications.

Company history

A brief history of the company from 1938, when it was established, till today.

Group companies

SANWA SEIKI is central to the Nishiumi Group of companies, which is active in a variety of specialist fields.

Overseas business partners

The Nishiumi Group actively collaborates with overseas manufacturers, with activities such as technical cooperation and sales contracts.

Main customers

Some of our major clients are described below.

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