COMPANY Company history

Established: August 10, 1938

Mr. Toshiyo Sakuda established our predecessor company, SANWA SEIKI Corp. (三和精機株式会社). At that time it specialized in manufacture of gauges for military applications.


September 17, 1946

Toshio Nishiumi becomes president. Reforms HR organization and begins rebuilding administration under the new system.

October 9, 1946

Begins operating SANWA SEIKI under the new organization. Brings work from Koshin Seikosho Ltd., beginning manufacture and sales of rail car components. Thereafter, this date is taken as the founding date.

December 1, 1948

Begins production of commercial vehicle products. Firm name is changed to SANWA SEIKI Corp. (三輪精機株式会社). Begins supply of air compressors, which are the current mainstay of the company.


July, 1956

Sanshin Press Industries Corp. is established in a joint venture between SANWA SEIKI and Koshin Seikosho. The name is later changed to Sanshin Industries Corp. in June, 1989.

June 24, 1959

The corporate objectives are established, stipulating Mr. Nishiumi’s management principles.


September 11, 1962

Japan participates in the international WorkSkills competition for the first time, and SANWA SEIKI employee, Katsuyoshi Shiraishi wins a gold medal in the lathe event.

April 15, 1967

Completes construction of a new two-story plant (the first steel-concrete structure for the company). The first floor is used for manufacture of hydraulic components and the second floor for air brake components.

October 1, 1969

Nishiumi Engineering Laboratories (nel) is established.


March 31, 1970

Five-story plant completed (West plant).

November 6, 1973

Receives the Demming Application Prize for Small Companies, recognizing achievements in total quality improvement.

December 28, 1973

Completes second phase of East Plant, bringing it to five stories.

December, 1974

Sanwa-Midland Ross Corp. is established in a joint venture with Midland-Ross USA Ltd., a manufacturer of air brake components.

October 1, 1976

Three-bird Die cast Industries Corp. is established in a joint venture with Toba Inc.

February, 1977

Sanwa Sunstrand Corp. is established in a joint venture with Sunstrand USA, developer of a hydraulic, fully-automatic transmission (DMT).


April 11, 1983

Phase 1 of the Hanyu Plant is completed and production begins with the opening ceremony.

September 14, 1983

The Nishiumi Group logo is created.

November 16, 1983

Sanwa-Packer Corp. is established in a joint venture with Applied Power USA Ltd., holder of basic patents for hydraulic cab-tilt equipment.

February 28, 1985

Phase 2 of the Hanyu Plant is completed. Production lines for vacuum pumps and automotive air conditioners are moved from Yono.

July 22, 1988

Construction completed on large-scale press plant, cafeteria, and offices at the Hanyu plant (Phase 3).

September 1, 1988

Sanwab EBS Corp. is established in a joint venture with WABCO Germany, developer of anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and anti-slip regulation (ASR) technologies.


May, 1990

Completion of new, five-story office building at Yono.

March 11, 1991

Built the Kawagoe Plant (name later changed to the Kawagoe No. 2 Plant)

November 18, 1996

Hanyu Plant Phase 4 completed. Also expanded the nel Test Laboratory

November 28, 1997

Obtained ISO9001 certification to further improve product quality and customer satisfaction, and as needed to expand Sanwa products into international markets.


April, 2001

Air compressor business is transferred over from Bosch Corp. This makes Sanwa the sole manufacturer of air compressors for domestic automobiles.

November 30, 2001

Receives ISO14001 certification.

January 1, 2002

Merges with Sanshin Industries Corp.

July 1, 2002

Merges with Three-bird Die cast Industries Corp., forming SANWA SEIKI Corp. Kawagoe Plant.

November, 2004

Shanghai SANWA Automobile Parts Co.,ltd. established


August, 2010

Hanyu No. 2 Plant operational.

September, 2012

Head Office completed within the Kawagoe 2nd Industrial Zone, offices and plant both moved from Yono. With these changes the former name, Kawagoe Plant, is changed to the Kawagoe No. 2 Plant.


January, 2015

THAI SANWA LTD. was established in Thailand

April, 2015

Kawaguchi plant was trasferred to Kawagoe No2 plant.

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