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Braking system products

Air compressors

  • Air compressors

  • Air compressors V2

  • Air compressors L2

Air pressure source for full air brakes or air-over-hydraulic brake systems. Single cylinder, inline two-cylinder (L2) and V two-cylinder (V2), providing a range of capacities for middle and heavy duty trucks.

Two-stage compressors

The two-stage air compressor generates higher pressure by compressing air in two stages. Its characteristic is lower driven torque and output air lower temperature.

* In development.

With clutch

Clutch-equipped air compressor reduces loss of the engine power by the clutch.

* In development.


Cam-shaft driven

Vacuum source for vacuum-servo braking systems. The pump is required low driven torque to conserve fuel. And it corresponds customer requirement by diverse driving methods and flexible installation.


A vacuum pump developed for use in hybrid vehicle, electric vehicle, also idling stop equipped vehicle. It contributes to conserving fuel by operating only when needed.

* In development.

Engine-control products

EGR Valves

  • Motor driven
    * In development.

  • Linear-solenoid driven

  • Solenoid driven

Depending on the vehicle driving conditions, and by returning the exhaust gas with an appropriate amount to the intake side by the EGR valve, to lower the combustion temperature and reduce NOx. Using a motor or a solenoid, and by devising a valve shape, and has achieved a smaller and lighter.

EGR Valve (Motor driven)

This EGR is controlled by Motor, that it is designed compact and easy to install for engine. Compared with conventional butterfly valve structures it was difficult to reduce gas leakage from valve seat. However by the design of the valve seat, gas leakage reduced.

* In development.

EGR cooler bypass valve

To prevent over-cooling due to low-temperature EGR gas passing through the EGR cooler when starting the engine or at low temperatures, this switch valve bypasses the EGR cooler, reducing HC and CO exhaust. Uses a butterfly valve, and is not affected by pressure before or after the valve, so size and weight can be reduced.

Exhaust switch valve

Valve for switching exhaust gas flow for exhaust heat recovery. Simple design, using a torque motor to connect motor directly to valve. Uses a cantilever valve, avoiding effects from condensate, etc.

* In development.

Direct-drive actuator

An actuator that provides stepless control, for driving variable-capacity turbo-chargers, or as a replacement for conventional air cylinders. Uses a brushless motor for high reliability, and incorporates a spiral structure for compactness. Also has a fail-safe structure that returns to the safe position using a spring when the motor cutoff is damaged or other situations.

* In development.

Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve

A valve controlling blow-by gases flowing from the engine combustion chamber into the crankcase, returning them to the air intake.

Exhaust brake valve

When strong engine breaking is needed on diesel-engine vehicles, the exhaust break valve is operated. Then increasing the pressure of engine exhaust gases. This works the engine as if a compressor, and engine braking power generated.

Turbocharger Actuator

  • Motor-driven type
    * In development.

  • Air driven (8-step)

  • Air driven (16-step)

This is an actuator for changing the nozzle angle in variable-capacity turbochargers. Motor-drive types capable of stepless control. Air-driven types can be stroked in steps by combining multiple air-intake ports. Multi-step stroke is only possible through air supply only, and a stroke sensor is not needed. Also uses a special piston structure with small diameter for compact size.

Two-stage Turbocharger Switch Valve

This valve switches between low and high pressure stages in turbochargers connected in series. When the engine is at low rotation speed, the valve is closes and the output of the low-pressure turbo feeds into the high-pressure turbo. When the engine is at high speed, enough air is being supplied to the engine, so the switch valve is opened, dividing the output of the low-pressure turbo over two paths: directly to the engine and through the high-pressure turbo, reducing the load on the high-pressure turbo.

* In development.

Air Cylinder

Various types of single cylinder for various applications such as engine stop, exhaust breaks, and for shifting.

Transmission-control equipment

Shift control booster

  • Shift control booster

  • Shift control booster

The pneumatic gearshift support actuators for manual transmissions in medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Shift control valve (emergency use)

An emergency air valve that enables mechanical operation when an electrical transmission shifter breaks down, avoiding complete breakdown on the road.

Cab tilting system products

Cab tilting pumps

  • Electric (motor driven)

  • Manual

The source of hydraulic pressure for lifting the cab of a truck for doing engine maintenance or other reasons. Pump can be driven electrically or manually.

Cab tilting cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders for lifting the cab of a truck for doing engine maintenance or other reasons. Equipped with safety mechanism to prevent the cab from dropping in unforeseen circumstances. Takes safety into consideration, and ensures safety mechanism can be operated easily with hydraulics.

Hydraulic latches

Devices to ensure the cab remains fixed while the truck is in motion. Equipped with a hydraulic cylinder that automatically locks and releases the cab.

Tilt pump and cylinder unit

Incorporates a tilt pump and cylinder into a single unit, reducing total cost and simplifying installation.

* In development.

Air-suspension-control products

Vehicle-height-control valves

  • Front unit

  • Rear unit

An electromagnetic valve used to supply, maintain and release air in air springs under chassis frame of a vehicle. The valve is driven and controlled by computer to keep the height of a vehicle constant. This valve enables to adjust height of air suspension system equipped such as sight-seeing buses and trucks. Therefore to adjust the height of the vehicle helps passengers load and unload easily, or to adjust to the vehicle height against a loading platform, by operating switches.

Leveling valves

  • For cab suspension

  • For cab suspension, with electromagnetic valve

  • For chassis suspension

A valve used to supply, maintain, and release air in air springs, to keep the height of a truck or cab constant. Compact, light-weight, and accommodating various vehicles by the lever shape.

For buses

A valve for supplying air to the signal port, overriding the vehicle height, for lowering a bus entryway to facilitate loading and unloading. Height can be controlled for two positions.


Speed Limiter

  • For mechanical governor

  • For electronic governor

  • For forklifts

An electronic control system to prevent exceeding a speed limit. The limiter works to control heavy duty trucks speed under 90 km/h, even if the accelerate pedal is pressed.

Wing-body opener

Hydraulic pressure source and cylinders for opening and closing wing-doors on a truck platform. Compact and light-weight through integrated frame and tank, and reduced weight using aluminum. Incorporates forced wing closing function for emergencies, for increased reliability in unforeseen circumstances.

Automatic Greasing Equipment

Equipment that automatically applies a designated volume of grease to multiple locations. Grease fed from an air-driven pump is automatically applied through divider valves. The grease tank is a exchangeable cartridge type.

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