COMPANY Certifications

Quality Assurance

As a specialist manufacturer of automotive and industrial equipment parts, which are at the core of industry in Japan, we obtained ISO9001 certification in November, 1997, and have conducted product development and manufacturing according to this system since then. More than 80% of the products we manufacture are considered critical safety components; we guarantee product quality by testing all units and pursuing thorough quality management and reliability with fault prevention (FP) in our manufacturing processes.

ISO Certification Status

Promoting Environment Management

Our environment management is headed by a general director, and promoted by an environment committee. The environment committee consists of the general director and directors for each plant and department, and handles SANWA SEIKI environmental issues from a medium-term perspective.

Environment policy


For the protection of the environment, SANWA SEIKI will work to maintain an awareness of harmony with nature and care for the environment in our business activities, developing, designing, and manufacturing automotive and hydraulic and pneumatic machinery.


In activity to improve the environment, to always maintain an awareness of effects on the environment, to work to make continuous improvements and prevent pollution before it is produced, and to actively make efforts to build a more livable society together with other regional and surrounding businesses.


To strive using resources effectively in all organizations of business activity, actively promoting resource saving, energy saving, and reduction and recycle of waste.


To observe all related laws, regulations and other requirements, work to educate and enlighten a consciousness and sense of responsibility for the environment, and to aim to build a bright and comfortable workplace for employees.


To make these policies known to all employees and publish them for the general public as necessary.

March 1, 2015
Eiichi Nishiumi, President/CEO of SANWA SEIKI LTD.

Building Environment Management Systems

We are actively building environment management systems (EMS). Our Head Office and Hanyu plants have obtained ISO14001 certification, and we have established an environment management base. We are using this ISO14001 activity effectively, through environmental protection activities and active promotion of environmental product development and sales.

ISO Certification Status
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