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Hydraulic Products

Truck crane control valve

7-Way manual valve

A manual valve allowing the operator to switch the direction of hydraulic pressure supplied from a pump. Areas of spool valve openings are optimized for excellent operability. Also incorporates two relief valves, and is able to switch the maximum pressure in the hydraulic circuit between two pressure levels, increasing usability when building hydraulic systems. (Max. layers: 8. Includes relief valve unloading function)

6-Way radio-controlled valve

A valve allowing the direction of hydraulic pressure supplied by a pump to be switched remotely under radio control. The valve responds rapidly to the control signal and maintains excellent, linear control, allowing the operator to operate easily from remote position, as desired. Also incorporates a relief-valve unloading function, for safety and energy savings. (Max. layers: 8. Includes spool position feedback sensor)

Hydraulic motors

  • Capacity:
    25 cm3/rev

  • Capacity:
    40 cm3/rev

A swash-plate axial-piston hydraulic motor used mainly for crane winches and rotational motion. Compact size and light weight achieved using aluminum case and valve-plate.

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