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We procure globally from suppliers that are excellent in quality, delivery, cost, and environment.

Basic procurement policies

We intend to nurture trust relationships through bidirectional communication, working for mutual expansion and long-term, stable procurement.

  • 1. Conduct fair and healthy procurement, conforming to the law and social standards.
  • 2. Conduct internal and external procurement broadly, with an international outlook.
  • 3. Increase mutual understanding, work to build trust, and conduct procurement for co-existence and co-prosperity based on the idea that cooperating partners can make better products together.
  • 4. Conduct rational procurement, giving precedence to partners with excellence in areas such as quality, delivery, pricing and business reliability.
  • 5. Conduct procurement giving precedence to components and services that have low environmental impact, taking environment related laws and regulations into consideration.

Supplier recruiting conditions

  • 1. Ability to conduct honest trade from a fair and equitable position, based on law and contract.
  • 2. Having a quality assurance system in place (ISO/TS16949 or ISO9001 certification).
  • 3. Making proactive effort toward green procurement (ISO14001 certification).
  • 4. Actively making effort to reduce cost pricing (innovative new technology, new product proposals, global production and procurement).
  • 5. Thorough planning to manage and protect information by building information system security.
  • 6. Promising to respond to various types of request quickly and flexibly.

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